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Pet Photography
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Pet photography, particularly dog photography is one of my favourite genres; a treasured member of the family with their own unique personalities. I love creating beautiful images that show the character of the dog that you will cherish forever.


Worried that your dog isn’t trained, won’t sit still, won’t look at the camera, too young or too old? Don’t worry, pet photography can sometimes be a challenge for anyone, but with the right knowledge and experience I can get you the images you will adore. And if it doesn’t work out? Just like us humans, we all have our good days and our off days, pet photography requires patience so we’ll simply reschedule, no dramas.

Dog Photoshoot at Home with an Irish Wolfhound Dog
DogPhotoshoot at Home 1
Pet Photoshoot at Home 7

The images on this page are a small selection of pet photography sessions which were taken in the owners home with a small, professional lighting setup that can fit into any room, meaning the images could be taken at a convenient time and where the dogs were comfortable. But I also like to get out on location, somewhere familiar to the dog so that they can show their true character.

Pet photographer Alan Mackenzie takes a portrait of a husky dog in black and white
Pet photographer Alan Mackenzie takes a portrait of a husky dog in black and white


One of the saddest moments in my life was the loss of our black labrador; a treasured member of the family with such a warm and loving personality who passed all too soon. Frustratingly, even as a photographer, I only have a few snapshots of him on my phone. The snapshots are fine, but not something I would have on my wall. To this day I wish I had taken some proper images to keep him alive and in our hearts.

Sometimes our busy lives just get in the way, but that was a hard lesson for me, which is why I want to do my very best for you.

colour image of a norwegian elkhound dog side view sitting down

The pet photography photoshoot doesn’t have to be constrained in your home, we can go for your favourite walk, play in the park, a wander through some local woods or whatever other idea you might have, or do a mix and match of different dog portraits outside and inside.

Personally I love the type of images you can see on this page, they have more of a ‘fine art portrait’ look, but equally some great action shots of your pet can also look amazing.

Sessions are tailored completely to your own needs and I will advise accordingly.

Pet Photography Tips


  • The welfare of the pet comes first. If the owner or photographer is concerned the pet is under duress the shoot will cease immediately.
  • No more than three people present, which includes the pet photographer; two is ideal. With too many people the pet can become over-excited, particularly if everyone is trying to shout commands and the dog becomes confused and stressed.
  • Follow the directions of the photographer.
  • Use their favourite treats for attention, but not too many.
  • Use the lead to keep the dog close by if necessary.
  • Keep the sessions short to allow the dog to relax and have fun.

How it works

I want to ensure you get the very best from the session, so this is the normal schedule:

  • A consultation on the phone, email or Facebook Messenger, whichever is easiest and most convenient for you. This is to establish some information such as type of pet or breed of dog, their character, what you want from the session and to book a diary appointment for the actual shoot. I’ll also ask you to send me a snapshot of your pet so I can look at the colours.
  • Normally the shoot is between 1.5 to 2 hours. This gives me time to meet you and your pet, to allow them to get used to me and relax a little. At the same time I will set up any props/lighting if necessary.
  • If we go over time it’s not the end of the world, I want you to be happy, not feel rushed.
  • I will process the images making any required adjustments and put low-resolution versions on a password-protected web page for you to have a look at, or I can come round to your home and show you the full resolution versions on a laptop or your TV (if it’s capable). This is a good way of doing it as you may like one or two adjustments to be made.
  • If you would like to purchase any prints, wall art etc. then I will send you a quote, no guilt trips or pushy sales techniques.

Pet Photography - prices

  • Session fee £90. The fee includes a professionally printed 8X10 inch photo of your choice and covers the time spent on the shoot (up to 2 hours), insurance, consultation time, equipment, post-processing and other business-related costs. This is payable on booking – an invoice will be emailed for you to pay online.
  • Products – we can supply you with a wide variety of products such as wall art (frames), canvas, triptych layouts and more for your favourite images.
  • Most people spend between £150 and £650 on products. 
  • Note – travel costs may apply depending on distance I have to travel. This will be discussed as part of the consultation if required.

Contact me to discuss
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Feel free to give me a call (01522 253088) or send me an email using the form below. If you would like to be kept updated with news and special offers just fill in your details and tick the consent box.