Norwegian Elkhound dog black and white image
Norwegian Elkhound dog black and white image side on

Norwegian Elkhound Photoshoot

Pet photography is my favourite genre of photography, and when you get to shoot stunning dogs like the Norwegian Elkhound it’s even more enjoyable.

The Norwegian Elkhound, literal translation ‘Norwegian moose dog‘ is a beautiful breed; loyal, highly intelligent and excellent family dogs but what struck me the most when photographing this Norwegian Elkhound what his stunningly soft coat.

This photoshoot took place inside the home of the owners in a relatively small space using a black screen and a small lighting setup.  The lighting is always really important, but on this occasion it was vital to get it right so that in the final images we can see all the individual coat hairs when blown up for large size print. On a black background this is even more important so you can see all the details.

Using simple commands and a few of his favourite treats to coax him into position I managed to get about 40 photos. Invariably there will be a few blurry ones and a few that look the same, but in the end I got a lovely collection with different poses and facial expressions which the owners were over the moon with and one is now pride of place on the wall.

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Norwegian Elkhound dog black and white standing up with tongue out
Norwegian Elkhound dog standing up

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