Do you prefer colour or black and white portraits?

Whether a black and white portrait or a colour portrait, it’s very subjective. Personally I much prefer the timeless nature of black and white portraits.

But you can’t just take a portrait, convert it to black and white and hope it turns out okay; a lot of decision-making has to take place first, such as mood (what you’re trying to say in the portrait), lighting (the most important thing of all), clothing (plain or patterned? Patterned clothing can be very distracting in a portrait when the main focus needs to be the face and eyes) and the season of year is important too, particularly if you would like portraits taken outside to show off the beautiful autumnal colours or the cold winter.

Have a look at the images below. When you book your shoot we have a discussion about this, I’ll make recommendations dependent on what you say, advise on the clothing etc. but ultimately it’s your decision and I will alter my approach to deliver the very best that I can for you.

portrait of a young girl
portrait of a young girl
Black and white fine art portrait of mother and daughter
Lincoln Photographer Alan Mackenzie Black and White Portrait Image