Family Photography

Family photography is all about capturing those special moments showing relationships; these moments are always very special and a joy to capture. Our children grow up too quickly and it’s important to capture the stages of their lives for those captured moments that can be handed from generation to generation.

As a family photographer in Lincolnshire I get to meet many wonderful families and pride myself in being able to capture those moments for you. During the shoot we have a conversation and a laugh, just a bit of fun to bring out your personalities almost to the point that you don’t know the camera is there to capture a story; the eyes, the smile, a hug or even a moment of reflection.

An important part of the process is to have a phone or email discussion to find out what your personalities are, what you like to do together, what your likes, dislikes and fears are and what you want to portray in the images. Some people like happy and fun, others like more moody or dramatic images.

But more often than not the stumbling block is a fear of being in front of the camera. That’s completely natural; it’s up me to put you at ease.

Sometimes it’s that pimple that pops up on the end of the nose! Don’t worry, that’s what Photoshop is for.

Family photography - two young brothers standing side by side and laughing
black and white family photography image showing young girl in black and white image

This type of portrait is also ideal for black and white; the simplicity of the images with good, flattering lighting and no distractions in the background, logos on clothing etc. draw you straight to the eyes which, along with the facial expression and emotion, is the most important part of any portrait. And again, this is an important step in the process, to give you advice on what clothing is best to wear so that it isn’t distracting, whether that be formal or casual clothing, it depends on the type of images you’re after.

Black and white image of young girl in woods holding a leaf
Young girl playing with leaves in the woods

Family photography is great on location; it may be your favourite walk in the woods, a destination you love to visit, a walk on the beach with the dog. The possibilities are endless but is it by far the easiest way to capture candid and natural moments.

Family Photography - Generations

Generations family photography is a creative way of showing different generations of the family in different photographic frames, but all in one frame. An image within an image, within an image etc. There’s endless creativity we can have with this; you could have all the female line, the male line, different generations, you can even have your pet in to capture all the family. 

A family photograph showing different generations of family within different image frames
Family photograph showing 4 generations of family within one photographic frame

Family Photography Prices

  • Session fee £90. This covers the time spent on the shoot (up to 2 hours), insurance, consultation time, equipment, experience, post-processing and other business-related costs. This is payable on booking – an invoice will be emailed for you to pay online.
  • Products – we can supply you with a wide variety of products such as wall art (frames), canvas, triptych layouts and more for your favourite images.
  • We only use the very best professional printers and suppliers, not high street retailers.
  • Most people spend between £150 and £650 on products. 
  • Note – travel costs may apply depending on distance I have to travel. This will be discussed as part of the consultation if required.

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