Pet photography - image of a Hungarian Vizsla dog in black and white standing up
image of a hungarian vizsla dog


This dog photoshoot was as much fun as it was a challenge. Would you believe she is only 16 weeks old?

That was the challenge, the age; at 16 weeks this Hungarian Vizsla was very excitable and training had only just begun which meant getting her to sit was almost impossible. For this shoot I was in the owners home and set up a black curtain on a chair with a small lighting setup to bring out the highlights in the beautiful coat and the all-important catchlight in the eyes.

Because she was so excitable there was the potential for her getting stressed so it was important that the photoshoot lasted for as short a time as possible. Even though she was jumping and moving around a lot, with a fast shutter speed to prevent blurry images, combined with the lighting setup meant that I could capture about 30 images in about 15 minutes.

After that it was simply a matter of spending a few hours post-processing to tidy up the images, such as getting rid of stray hairs, food crumbs around the mouth etc.

According to Wikipedia the Vizsla is a lively, gentle-mannered, affectionate and sensitive breed and that personality really showed through with this dog.

The images below are my personal favourites from this dog photoshoot, these would look beautiful in a large frame and the owner was delighted with the results.

black and white image of a hungarian vizsla dog
black and white image of a hungarian vizsla dog sitting down
black and white image of a hungarian vizsla dog

Don’t be concerned that your dog is too excitable, too young or won’t sit still. It all comes down to the experience of the photographer to get the shots that you want and that will give you everlasting memories.

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